Health Platter

Inspired by St. George’s founding principle, “Health Must Come First”, we have dedicated time in our students’ distance learning schedules as a way to take advantage of the Health Platter.

What is the Health Platter?

The Health Platter is based on the theory by Dr. Dan Siegel that there are seven essential ingredients to creating well-being and health in adolescents. They are:

  • Sleep Time - Giving our brains they rest they need
  • Connecting Time - Connecting with other people and with the natural world
  • Physical Time - Moving our bodies
  • Play Time - Time to be spontaneous, creative, and playful while participating in new activities and experiences
  • Reflection Time - Internal reflection that focuses on our sensations, feelings, and thoughts
  • Focus Time - Closely focusing on tasks in a goal-oriented way
  • Down Time - When we are non-focused, without any specific goal

Just like we eat a varied diet from different food groups to keep us healthy, we should "consume" each of these seven ingredients every day, in whatever amount we need.

What can you expect from the St. George’s Health Platter?

As part of our St. George’s philosophy, the Health Platter is being developed in collaboration with our students; we have encouraged students to reflect on how and if they are currently taking care of themselves, so that we can provide them with resources to support their needs. By engaging in this process together, it makes the resources far more meaningful.

The Health Platter is continuously being updated and will be accessible via the student portal with each ingredient leading to a multitude of resources. For example if a student is interested in improving sleep, in that section of the Health Platter they will be able to access information, videos, articles and activities to assist them with this.

A public version of the Health Platter is available here.


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