Volunteer at St. George’s

There are lots of ways to get involved at St. George’s. Whether sharing expertise with senior students at Industry Experts, or pitching in on Field Day, volunteers enrich our community experience, and support school life & learning throughout the year. Please see below to learn more about how you can get involved.


Parents who are passionate about St. George’s are welcome to take part in ambassador initiatives. Whether connecting with new parents through the Parent2Parent program, helping at Open House, or acting as a class parent/grade coordinator, parent ambassadors play a key role in representing our school within the wider community.

Community Learning

Giving back to the community is an intrinsic part of St. George’s. Parents have a unique opportunity to support the Grade 6 Community Learning Program, lead an existing High School Community Learning Pod, or create a new pod. Don’t have time to commit to running a pod? That’s okay - we are also looking for volunteers to help create connections with community organizations who can host our students.

Expertise to Share

Our parent community has a wealth of industry expertise. We are always looking for ways to enhance our programs by ensuring that student learning is both meaningful and applicable in the real world. Whether guest lecturing in a class, connecting with a small group of students, or running grade-wide workshops, your knowledge is a valuable asset to strengthen and complement learning at St. George’s.

PAC – Parent Activity Committee

All parents are automatically members of the Parent Activity Committee (PAC), and will have the opportunity to volunteer for school spirit activities. There are many initiatives that require broad community participation, and parents will be invited to sign-up, help out, and have fun!

School Life

School life at St. George’s encompasses a multitude of events and activities reflecting students’ interests and curiosities. Volunteers may be called upon to support in a number of ways ranging from judging the World Scholar’s Cup to running a game at Carnival Day. No prior experience or expertise is needed except a willingness to roll up your sleeves!

School and Board Committees

St. George’s has eight School and Board Committees (Advancement, Buildings & Grounds, Education, Finance, Governance, Marketing, Nominating & Review, and PAC). The Nominating & Review Committee engages current parents who are aligned with St. George’s Mission, Vision and Values and have expertise in specific areas for Committee work when needed.

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