Our Vision for Sustainability at St. George’s

Our school is a microcosm of the possible. Individual and collective growth are byproducts of a culture that encourages us to challenge and motivate one another to be conscious of our choices and confident in our actions to protect all life on earth. We are committed to letting sustainability guide our every move, because we understand that we are inheritors of great fortune and great responsibility.

Building Momentum Through Concrete Action

At St. George’s, sustainability isn’t just an idea. It’s something we live, every day. Taking cues from our students—many of whom personally champion the safeguarding of our natural environment—our entire community engages with our shared goals through programs, events and actions that have over time become part of the fabric of school life at St. George’s. Innovative urban agriculture projects, the optimization of our waste management practices, and school-wide celebrations of our collective purpose are a few examples of what keeps us moving forward.

Sustainably growing, improving, and learning

Most independent school strategic plans aren't themed. But then again, St. George’s isn’t most independent schools. The concept of environmental sustainability—of safeguarding natural resources so that today’s actions don’t impede future generations’ ability to thrive—has assumed greater and greater importance for our school in recent years, both programmatically and operationally. So much of this strategic plan is about sustaining our ability to keep doing exactly what we’ve been doing since 1930—ensuring that we remain a model of progressive, child-centred education.


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