The St. George’s Experience

The St. George’s experience nurtures the formation of fully prepared, confident and self-aware originals who possess an ever-expanding and multifaceted interest in the world and a personal dedication to making meaningful contributions.

Our Mission

St. George’s School of Montreal provides a hands-on, well-balanced and rigorous educational experience. Mindful of the different strengths and needs of all of our learners, we prepare each student for what lies ahead. At St. George’s:

  • We challenge students to think critically and express themselves creatively; our students are confident problem-solvers.
  • We provide a nurturing, respectful environment that encourages both self-discovery and collaboration; our students enjoy and value learning.
  • We embrace meaningful inquiry and thoughtful reflection within and beyond the classroom; our students grow into engaged and compassionate citizens.

Grounded in the themes and practices of progressive education since 1930, St. George’s is aligned and actively engaged with research and innovation dedicated to the education of the whole child.

Our Founding Principles

Our Founding Principles are living words that have guided us for nine decades, shaping each student and family’s St. George’s experience. Every day these closely held beliefs are reliably transformed into concrete, tangible actions that continue to move us forward.

The child should have abundant opportunity for creative expression

Adapt education to the differences of the individual child

Health must come first

Group-consciousness and social-mindedness should be developed

Learning comes from doing

The classroom should be freed from unnatural restraints

Our Manifesto

Fast Facts

Two Campuses

Our Elementary and High School sites are nurturing environments dedicated to the education of the whole child

Individualized Attention

An average class size of 18 allows us to build learning experiences suited to the needs of each child

Multifaceted Experiences

St. George’s students get to choose from more than 80 extra-curricular opportunities

Global School

27 countries are represented in our student body, the International Program attracting learners from far and wide

Extended Family

There are more than 3,000 multifaceted St. George’s grads in our far-reaching global alumni network

Our Focus on Research and Innovation

In the Elementary School Classroom

St. George’s Centre for Learning Enrichment develops cutting-edge programming in-house, prioritizing social and emotional learning outcomes alongside conventional academic benchmarks. At the Elementary level, students begin to cultivate the skills and understanding necessary for negotiating life’s challenges.

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In the High School Classroom

Critical and creative exploration and inquiry engages High School students in the development of skills and habits that will enable them to thrive, overcome obstacles, and pursue meaningful and fulfilling lives. Social, cognitive and emotional growth is facilitated through original programming and ongoing research spearheaded by St. George’s own Centre for Learning Enrichment.

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Our Vision for Sustainability

Building momentum with real action.

In looking to the future, we’ve committed to letting sustainability guide our every move. This means taking deliberate action to safeguard our most precious resources: our people, planet and prosperity. By embracing sustainable practices and working toward collective goals, we prioritize our long-term growth and in doing so conserve the St. George’s experience for future generations of learners. Find out more ›

St. George's Stories


Class of '88

I have no doubt St. George’s was the best place for my education. When I speak of education, I don’t mean getting prepared for a career, but for life in the world.


Class of '18

My homestay family says they're lucky to have me, but I always feel it's me who's lucky to have them.


Class of '20

It was kind of meant to be. The second I walked into St. George's, I thought, "Yes, this is the school for me."


Staff, Class of '98

For the past 25 years, St. George's has been my home. I love being able to give the same attention and devotion to students that I felt my teachers gave to me.


Our students are not just multifaceted - they’re multi-fascinating.
At St. George’s we’re devoted to helping each of them uncover every aspect of the fascinating, passionate person within.


Elementary School Campus
3685 The Boulevard
Westmount, QC H3Y 1S9

High School Campus
3100 The Boulevard
Montréal, QC H3Y 1R9

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