Annual Giving

Together, we cultivate an unparalleled environment for learning and growth. Each year, we embark on an Annual Giving Campaign to raise funds for projects that enhance and enrich the student experience. Through the generous support of the school community, St. George’s is able to offer our students learning tools and equipment that are second to none.


Our educators, administrators and support staff strive to empower St. George’s students through transformative learning experiences, both in the classroom and beyond. And through the generosity of friends like you, we are able to make those aspirations a reality. Access to innovative resources and support for meaningful programs and projects are what give us the power to cultivate an environment that challenges, engages and inspires.

We ask you to consider your role in nurturing the fulfillment of individual potential and the formation of original, independent, resilient, generous, and critical thinkers. We invite you to join us in our commitment to continuous growth by directing a gift to the area or initiative of your choice.

Give a gift with meaning:

Head's Fund

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Scholarships and Bursaries

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