Tribute Giving

Honour or remember a person who has shaped the St. George’s community by contributing to one of our Tribute Funds. These funds support the vibrant future of St. George’s while paying homage to our storied past.

Agnes Matthews Financial Assistance Fund

Agnes Matthews was the school’s second Principal and for the 28 years between 1935 and 1963, her vision, dedication and foresight created the blueprint for curriculum and student life at St. George’s. The school still receives positive feedback and anecdotes from her former students.

Miss Matthews was granted the degree of Doctor of Laws, Honoris Causa, by McGill University at the time of her retirement from St. George's School. This degree was conferred on her in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the progressive education movement in Montreal.

This fund benefits mission-appropriate students whose families may not have the financial means to provide them with a St. George’s education.

Beatrice Lewis Fund for Enrichment

Mrs. Lewis began her career at our elementary school in 1979 as the Grade 4/5 homeroom teacher. Her appointment as Director in 1989 brought in an era of great continuity for close to 20 years at the elementary school. Although now retired, she is still fondly remembered by students, parents and teachers alike.

This fund, in honour of her long-time dedication and service to the school, is for enrichment programs at St. George’s of Montreal.

The Gilbert Plaw Fund for Financial Assistance

The Gilbert Plaw Fund was established on the occasion of Gilbert’s retirement in 2000 to recognize his outstanding contribution to St. George’s School of Montreal and his commitment to providing a unique educational opportunity to as many students as possible. Over the years, we have been able to assist a great many individuals who, with this funding, were able to attend St. George's School.

The Hannah Hershman Fund for Financial Assistance

During her exemplary 26 years with the School, Hannah Hershman touched the lives of countless students through her unwavering commitment to teaching and learning. She began at St. George’s as an elementary school teacher in Student Support Services, and then assumed the role of Student Support Coordinator until becoming Interim Associate Assistant Head, ES in July 2017. Throughout these years, Hannah remained steadfast in her dedication and devotion to our students and their individual success. Through the generosity of an anonymous donor, the school is creating a fund in her name that will provide additional academic support to students who are currently receiving financial assistance.

Jaclyn Linetsky Fund for the Performing Arts

This fund was established in memory of St. George’s Grad, Jaclyn Linetsky ‘03, who died tragically in a car accident at the tender age of 17. As the voice of Caillou, Jaclyn entertained hundreds of thousands of children the world over. Amongst her other accomplishments, she was also the lead female in the television show “15/Love” which aired in over 72 countries.

Her name on our Performing Arts Program ensures that Jaclyn’s force and character will always be remembered and that she will continue to be an inspiration for generations of St. George’s students.

Donations to this fund are used to further enrich the Performing Arts Program at St. George’s School of Montreal.

Lilian Sala Fund for Financial Assistance and/or Professional Development

As the result of a long and meaningful relationship between The Sala Family and St. George's School of Montreal, The Lilian Sala Fund was established in 1985 by Rick Sala on the passing of his mother Lilian.

The purpose of this Fund is to enable deserving students to attend St. George’s from Kindergarten to Grade 11. Preference shall be given to students who have demonstrated significant creative/academic abilities or potential and could not attend St. George’s without financial assistance.

The purpose of the Fund was expanded at the time of the passing of Rick Sala's father Ernst Sala in 2004, to include Faculty Professional Development.

Because of the Lilian Sala Fund, many deserving students have been given the opportunity to attend St. George’s. As well, many teachers have been provided with opportunities to enhance their skills in the best practices of child-centred teaching and learning, which remain the core of our educational mission.

Molly and Maurie Wiseman Endowment Fund for Financial Assistance

On the occasion of their grandson’s graduation in 2003, Nan & Jack Wiseman were so pleased with the philosophy of St. George’s and the opportunities offered to its students, that they marked this milestone year by making a gift to the school in memory of Matthew and Zachary’s great-grandparents, Molly and Maurie Wiseman. This legacy donation will help ensure that in the future a St. George’s education will be available to as many deserving candidates as possible.

Robert Sibthorpe and Benjamin Silverman First Responders Fund

In October 2017, St. George’s juvenile softball team was thrown into a situation of unexpected crisis when a player collapsed on the field in the middle of a semi-final playoff game. Ben Silverman '19 had signaled to coach Cameron Folkerson that something was not right before falling to the ground, unresponsive and not breathing. Thanks to the emergency preparedness of both the coach and trained first responder Robert Sibthorpe, a parent of another player on the team, Silverman was ultimately resuscitated and able to make a full recovery.

The Robert Sibthorpe and Benjamin Silverman First Responders Fund was established by Silverman’s parents, Dr. Roberta Shear and Mr. Gary Silverman, as a meaningful way to demonstrate their gratitude to Sibthorpe and the school by ensuring that all St. George’s High School students have the opportunity to become certified in CPR.

Serge Rousseau Fund for French Enrichment

During his 32 years at St. George’s, Serge Rousseau championed language instruction and made the French culture an integral part of the St. George’s curriculum. He has been described as a great pedagogue and a true innovator, one who constantly looked for ways to improve the French program at St. George’s School of Montreal.

Ces fonds nous permettent de continuer à développer et à explorer de nouvelles opportunités linguistiques et culturelles.

Tammy Levy Fund for Teacher Training

Tammy Levy (1963-2003) taught at St. George’s School from 1997–2003 as a Coordinator of Student Support Services. Tammy’s methodology was founded on humour, compassion, patience, intuition, insight and a mother’s love.

The Tammy Levy Teacher Training Fund offers a unique opportunity for teachers. Their professional growth, as a result of this initiative, will benefit current as well as future St. George’s students.

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