St. George’s International Program

Our school is recognized locally and internationally as a leader in progressive education - because we’ve been ahead of the curve for almost nine decades, committed to fostering a student-centred education of the highest quality since 1930. St. George's International Program provides comprehensive support for language acquisition, and more general support of students’ overall wellbeing. We are also proud to offer a homestay option for students who don’t have family in Montreal.

School in Canada

More and more students and families are choosing to pursue their studies in Canada and in Quebec each year. Canada is recognized and respected worldwide as a leader in education.

Quebec Education System

A Global School

Our school attracts students and families from all over. Twenty-seven nationalities were represented in the St. George’s student body during the 2017/2018 school year.

Support for International Students

Language Support

One-on-one support is provided for every student who is not a fluent English speaker. If a student demonstrates any limitations in the classroom, they are offered the support they need until they are prepared to follow along.

Many international students arrive at St. George’s with limited French skills. French language support for these students is designed with the objective of eventually integrating them into mainstream French classes. Students in early Elementary School are usually integrated into the classroom right away.

General Support

International students are also supported by an advisor who closely follows their progress and wellbeing, and acts as a liaison between the student, their parents, and, if applicable, their homestay family. They are available to help students navigate any cultural differences and ensure that these are taken into consideration in academic contexts.

St. George’s Homestay Program

For students who have come to Canada to pursue their education and do not have family in Montreal, our St. George’s Homestay Program provides a nurturing environment as they complete their studies. St. George’s host families are usually already active members of our community: they are faculty, staff or parents of current students. They readily welcome international students into their homes and support them throughout their time at St. George’s, ensuring that they are fully immersed in the supportive culture of our school.

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