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The Centre for Learning Enrichment at St. George’s has been described as the “engine” of our school. Beyond coordinating curriculum design, the CLE develops and implements transformative original programming like CORE5, which aims to help students become more resilient in their day-to-day lives. By putting an emphasis on social and emotional learning alongside academic achievement, St. George’s students develop the skills, personal characteristics, and resources in their environment that enable them to negotiate life’s challenges.

Our CORE5 Resilience Program


Awareness of one’s own personal characteristics as well as patterns of behavior and attitudes supports the development of healthy and meaningful lives.


Empathy for others and acceptance of diversity are necessary for the development of constructive social behaviors and deepen one’s capacity to care for self, others, and community.


In order to see one's life with a constructive outlook, one must consider various perspectives as well as develop specific and beneficial attitudes, behaviours, and character traits.


Struggle is an essential part of learning and growth. Perseverance is necessary in order to see something through to its conclusion even in the face of pressures to do something else or give up.


Meaning and purpose of one’s life is explored, discovered, and expressed through engagement with a world larger than oneself.

Learning to Negotiate Life’s Challenges

In our High School, St. George’s students are preparing for the opportunities and challenges of their current experience as well as their post-secondary lives. Through critical and creative exploration and inquiry, students come to better understand their own strengths, interests, and values as well as the world outside of themselves and their place within it.

Adolescence, and by extension high school, is a time when young people move from being dependent on the adults around them to gaining increasing independence and autonomy. To facilitate that growth, the role of adults shifts to becoming that of mentor, guide, and coach. With that in mind, the CORE5 resilience program supports St. George’s students as they learn to embrace the opportunities and challenges associated with making a place for oneself in the world.

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