High School at St. George’s

In High School at St. George's, students live their learning. Classes are about talking, thinking, listening, doing, and putting your mind and heart into work that makes you care about doing it well. We believe that these are the essential qualities of engaged citizens of the world.

Our students take an active role in their education. They communicate daily with faculty mentors through our Advisor Program, designed to track individual student progress and social integration through High School at St. George’s. Our teachers are highly qualified, dedicated and committed to seeing each child succeed not only academically, but also socially and emotionally, to become well-adjusted and resilient young adults.

Sarah Neeff
Principal, High School

Academics with a Difference


Awareness of one’s own personal characteristics as well as patterns of behavior and attitudes supports the development of healthy and meaningful lives.


Empathy for others and acceptance of diversity are necessary for the development of constructive social behaviors and deepen one’s capacity to care for self, others, and community.


In order to see one's life with a constructive outlook, one must consider various perspectives as well as develop specific and beneficial attitudes, behaviours, and character traits.


Struggle is an essential part of learning and growth. Perseverance is necessary in order to see something through to its conclusion even in the face of pressures to do something else or give up.


Meaning and purpose of one’s life is explored, discovered, and expressed through engagement with a world larger than oneself.

Beyond the Classroom

Performing Arts

The Jaclyn Linetsky Performing Arts Program plays an important role in school life, with more than a third of the student body becoming involved in a production at some point during their High School experience. St. George’s Glee Club, “G Major”, has been performing sold-out shows around Montreal since 2009, with multiple Show Choir Canada Championship titles to show for it.


Teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, and commitment are values we seek to nurture in our students through our Athletics Program. St. George’s provides opportunities to be involved in sports both competitively and recreationally. Our students play basketball, soccer, golf, hockey, futsal, tennis, flag football, badminton, and more. Here be Dragons!


This unique program makes use of our fully-equipped robotics labs, where students team up to design, build, and innovate. Our Robotics Technicians challenge and guide students through the process of creating competition-level machines in preparation for competitive events held around the city and here at St. George’s.

Outdoor Education

Adventurous endeavours like rock climbing, white water rafting, fall and winter camping and winter sports are open to students of all experience levels through our Outdoor Education Program in High School at St. George’s. Students develop a greater appreciation for the outdoors as they push themselves both mentally and physically.

Community Learning

The Community Learning Program at St. George’s fosters meaningful and authentic learning experiences in the community. From Grade 7 to Grade 10 all students are expected to commit to a cause or organization and complete volunteer hours. Students connect their experiences to contemporary issues while developing their value systems, sense of social responsibility, and leadership skills.

Green Team

The Green Team is an ever-expanding group of students who are enthusiastically committed to advancing our sustainability agenda at St. George’s - whether through conducting an audit of cafeteria waste or challenging their peers, teachers and St. George’s staff to adopt sustainable practices like walking, biking or bussing to school.

St. George's Stories


Class of '88

I have no doubt St. George’s was the best place for my education. When I speak of education, I don’t mean getting prepared for a career, but for life in the world.


Class of '02

When I joined the stage crew at St. George's, I had no idea that I was being introduced to a specialized craft that would one day become my career.


Class of '18

My homestay family says they're lucky to have me, but I always feel it's me who's lucky to have them.


Class of '20

It was kind of meant to be. The second I walked into St. George's, I thought, "Yes, this is the school for me."


Our students are not just multifaceted - they’re multi-fascinating. At St. George’s we’re devoted to helping each of them uncover every aspect of the fascinating, passionate person within.

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