Elementary School at St. George’s

From the youngest children in Kindergarten to newly fledged adolescents getting ready to move on to High School, our students not only learn the foundational skills needed for academic success but also how to use their brains, hearts, and imaginations to make learning—and ideas—matter. Each child’s natural curiosity becomes a catalyst for lifelong learning in Elementary School at St. George’s.

From the moment you step through our doors, you will sense the warmth and caring that surrounds each child and makes them feel very much a part of our inviting family. At St. George’s, every student’s natural curiosity to learn is respected and nurtured. As a team, we strive to help students attain their personal best, as they are the “heartbeat” of our profession.

Aidan De Jean
Principal, Elementary School

Academics with a Difference


Awareness of one’s own personal characteristics as well as patterns of behavior and attitudes supports the development of healthy and meaningful lives.


Empathy for others and acceptance of diversity are necessary for the development of constructive social behaviors and deepen one’s capacity to care for self, others, and community.


In order to see one's life with a constructive outlook, one must consider various perspectives as well as develop specific and beneficial attitudes, behaviours, and character traits.


Struggle is an essential part of learning and growth. Perseverance is necessary in order to see something through to its conclusion even in the face of pressures to do something else or give up.


Meaning and purpose of one’s life is explored, discovered, and expressed through engagement with a world larger than oneself.

Beyond the Classroom


Junior Robotics is a fun, hands-on introduction to mechanical engineering, design and computer programming. In Senior Robotics, students get to discover the endless possibilities afforded by St. George’s High School’s fully-equipped robotics labs.

Glee Club

Students in Elementary School at St. George’s can get involved with St. George’s popular Glee program as early as Grade 2. Junior Glee has everyone singing and dancing as they learn to coordinate rhythm and movement. In Grades 4, 5 and 6, the “E Minor” Glee Club works year-round to perfect a repertoire of songs, ultimately opening for the High School’s “G Major” at their yearly show.


Teamwork, perseverance, responsibility, and commitment are values we seek to nurture in our students through our Athletics Program. St. George’s provides opportunities to be involved in sports both competitively and recreationally. Our Elementary School students play soccer, hockey, ultimate frisbee and more. Here be Dragons!

Photography Club

A series of workshops facilitates the discovery of the basics of photography: camera function, techniques in portrait photography, colour, lighting, photojournalism and much more. Students gain hands-on experience while being challenged creatively.

Farm to Table

Farm to Table engages students in the process of growing, harvesting and creating recipes and natural products from our very own St. George’s gardens. Students learn about the importance of community-supported agriculture and eating and buying local as they are immersed in a sustainable social movement.

Community Learning

St. George’s students are encouraged to connect classroom learning with the wider world. In Kindergarten, they prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner for the needy in partnership with a local food bank. Throughout their time in Elementary School at St. George’s, students make meaningful connections with a community in Tanzania that St. George’s has an ongoing relationship with.

Lunch Service

St. George’s provides Elementary School students with a choice of two nutritionally balanced, nut-controlled lunch options each day, as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

After School

After School Program

Students who stay for the After School Program are cared for by dedicated staff who create a structured but fun environment. The program includes a healthy snack, and families can opt-in for full-day programs on pedagogical days. We’re happy to offer this hassle-free childcare option for families on the go.

Study Hall Program

Students can get a head start on homework and special projects under the supervision of experienced, certified educators in our Study Hall Program. Each child is served a healthy snack to fuel their mind before getting started.

St. George’s offers the After School Program, the Study Hall Program, and Extra-Curricular Activities in various combinations.

Transition to High School

When students have the opportunity to gradually ease into high school, they are more likely to thrive in their new environment, both academically and emotionally. As students near the end of Elementary School at St. George’s, we do our best to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our Grade 6 High School Transition Program aims to ease the abruptness of the changeover. In Grade 6, students spend Fridays on the High School campus, following their regular Grade 6 curriculum but in the context of a typical High School day.

They get to meet High School teachers, use the science labs, gym, cafeteria and theatre spaces, and have the opportunity to take part in lunchtime extra-curricular activities. They also take part in Advisor Period, where the development of student autonomy and engagement in school life is facilitated by a faculty advisor through discussion and guidance. Most importantly, they become comfortable and familiarized with older students and the daily flow of High School life.

St. George’s Stories


Class of '87

St. George's made me comfortable with being myself, thinking independently and doing things differently when necessary.


Class of '93

I am a better person—and a better teacher myself—because of the teachers I had at St. George's.


Class of '02

When I joined the stage crew at St. George's, I had no idea that I was being introduced to a specialized craft that would one day become my career.


Class of '18

My homestay family says they're lucky to have me, but I always feel it's me who's lucky to have them.


Our students are not just multifaceted - they’re multi-fascinating. At St. George’s we’re devoted to helping each of them uncover every aspect of the fascinating, passionate person within.

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