Parent Grad Gift

For more than 25 years, parents of graduating students have donated generously to the Parent Grad Gift Fund to support essential student resources. The Class of 2019 has chosen to refresh the High School gymnasium. The gym at St. George’s is so much more than an athletic venue; in many ways it is the heart of the school, a place for gathering and celebration. This year’s graduates have great pride in the school, so it comes as no surprise that the project they have chosen to leave as their legacy is one that exemplifies school spirit and symbolizes the oneness of the St. George’s community.

To make your contribution to the Class of 2019 Parent Grad Gift, please complete the form on this page. You also have the option to donate the remaining balance of your child's laptop deposit to the project.

Thank you!

We are so grateful to those who have demonstrated their support! Your gift will help foster school spirit and pride in future generations of St. George's students and families.

Tamara & Richard Liebmann | Johanne Mullen & Stephen Kellock | Zengyu Feng & Junjian NieJohanne | Rumki Mukutmoni | Jason Levine & Brenda Seifried | Diane & Scott Cross | Dubravka & Steve McCormack | Coreen Delormier | Althea Macdonald | Lawrence Routtenberg & Heather Young | Mario Ionta & Isabelle Meunier | Daniella Rohan | Gianni Rossi & Angela Polidoro | Fredric Luber | The Kimmels | Robbie Shear & Gary Silverman | Cheryl & Brian Lynch | Alen Brandman & Jane Siblin | Edward Garson & Gillian Robertson | Stephanie Richer | Ali & Ron Roza | Jack & Maureen Dym | Joanna & Richard Shafter | Ivan Greenstein & Maureen Leibovitch | Wei Chen & Jinjin Yao | Mr. & Mrs. Gary Azimov | Rebecca Knox Byrne | Linda & Michael Moellenhoff  | Jodi & Michael Ginsberg | Anonymous (1)


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