Parent Grad Gift

It is a longstanding tradition that parents of the graduating students have donated generously to the Parent Grad Gift in support of school upgrades. Thanks to the generosity of the parents of the Class of 2020, almost $14,000 has been raised to date towards the renovation of the Learning Commons, a project estimated to cost a minimum of $50,000. The Class of 2021 Parent Grad Gift will be added, enabling the school to move this project forward. The Learning Commons upgrade will ensure that the space can continue to best serve generations of St. George’s students for years to come – a worthy and lasting legacy for the graduating classes of 2020 and 2021.


To make your contribution to the Class of 2021 Parent Grad Gift, please complete the form on this page. You also have the option to donate the remaining balance of your child's laptop deposit to the project.

Thank you!

We are so grateful to those who have demonstrated their support! Your gift will help foster school spirit and pride in future generations of St. George's students and families.


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High School Campus
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