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High School: absence.hs@stgeorges.qc.ca

Name Capacity Ext. E-mail
O'Connor, Michael Head of School 214 E-mail
Balas, Marc Chief Financial Officer 219 E-mail
Carson, Kathay Director, Enrolment Management 215 E-mail
De Jean, Aidan Principal, Elementary School 287 E-mail
Goldman, Rayna Director, Advancement 275 E-mail
Narváez, John Interim Head of Teaching & Learning, High School 218 E-mail
Neeff, Sarah Principal, High School 212 E-mail
Segal, Kim Director, Strategic Marketing 276 E-mail
Aoun, Roy Athletics & Recreation Coordinator 203 E-mail
Barkoulas, Ioanna Human Resources Service Partner 229 E-mail
Bernier, Maya ES After School & Co-Curricular Coordinator 286 E-mail
Brandman, Randy ES Guidance Counsellor 405 E-mail
Conte, Elysia HS Guidance Counsellor 226 E-mail
Dair, Melissa HS CLE & Student Support Grades 9-11 & Department Head 227 E-mail
Deegan, Lori Receptionist 200 E-mail
DeGuzman, Jeremy Building Custodian 281 E-mail
Deuitch, Alana Admissions & Enrolment Associate 241 E-mail
Di Lenardo, Thomas HS Science Technician 467 E-mail
Dingle, Andrea Community Engagement Officer 206 E-mail
Dobbin, Victoria Graphic Designer / Marketing Assistant 240 E-mail
Durkee, Holly Student Relations / Health & Safety Officer 211 E-mail
Fleischer, Elana Elementary Administrative Assistant 285 E-mail
Foote, Brian Curriculum & Studies Officer 234 E-mail
Fréchette, Laurence HS Librarian 223 E-mail
Freder, Daniel HS Robotics Lead Facilitator 484 E-mail
Gallaro, Lynn ES Librarian & Information Research 294 E-mail
Hallé, Maude HS Art Technician 468 E-mail
Harries, Patricia Elementary Student Support Coordinator 298 E-mail
Hirian, Adriana Business Office Coordinator 222 E-mail
Hitimana Guerma, Nathalie International Enrolment Coordinator 235 E-mail
Hudson, Kate HS CLE & Student Support Grades 7 & 8 205 E-mail
Jimenez, Mario Technology Technician 225 E-mail
Khursigara, Khursheed Office Assistant 483 E-mail
Lavoie, Lise Data Management Officer 252 E-mail
Lazanis, Alexa ES After School & Co-Curricular Coordinator (on leave)
Macdougall, Paul HS Student Supervisor 204 E-mail
Mailhot, Jamie Building Custodian 281 E-mail
Mastrocola, Victoria Marketing Associate 238 E-mail
McCarthy, Leigh Head of School Executive Assistant 213 E-mail
McMillan, Robert Building Technician 281 E-mail
Shi Shun, Rachelle Finance & Accounting Manager 220 E-mail
Skagkos, Betty CLE Administrative Assistant 239 E-mail
Skjaerlund, Maya Database & Donations Associate 233 E-mail
Stamboulieh, Aaron Technology Coordinator 267 E-mail
Sushko, Alisa Payroll & Administration Technician 464 E-mail
Trotto, Caterina Archivist / Office Support 282 E-mail
Velasquez, Romel Building Custodian 281 E-mail
Arthur, Jason HS Science 450 E-mail
Barnes, Talya ES English Kindergarten 402 E-mail
Blum, Stephanie HS Science 473 E-mail
Bruneau, Daniel HS French 459 E-mail
Cammalleri, Rosetta ES Physical Education 434 E-mail
Carmichael, Shannon ES Teacher (on leave)
Castillo Diaz, Laura Fernanda HS & ES Spanish 462 E-mail
Cinquemani, Fabio HS Math & Science 493 E-mail
Crawford, Shayne HS French 490 E-mail
Deeprose, Jeff HS English Department Head 465 E-mail
DeJean, Jill ES English & Math Grade 6 412 E-mail
Dinneen, Emma ES Teacher (on leave)
Driedger, Mark HS Science 458 E-mail
Dusaniwsky, Zenia ES Art 403 E-mail
Fairlie, Paige HS Math 463 E-mail
Fast, Cassie HS Social Sciences & English 455 E-mail
Feith, James ES French & Social Sciences Grade 5 429 E-mail
Flaherty, Emily ES Physical Education 413 E-mail
Flinker, Mia ES Physical Education Support 430 E-mail
Foley, Elizabeth ES French & Social Sciences Grade 2 419 E-mail
Folkerson, Cameron HS Physical Education 480 E-mail
Gabert, Clare ES English & Math Grade 5 407 E-mail
Gan, Jeanne HS Math 479 E-mail
Gillis, Marina ES Science 408 E-mail
Gold, Donna HS English 472 E-mail
Grynol, Candace HS Performing Arts Department Head 453 E-mail
Harrington, Laura ES English & Math Support Grades 5 & 6 427 E-mail
Hernandez, Margaux HS French Department Head 499 E-mail
Ho, Stephanie HS Social Sciences & English 461 E-mail
Hunter, Jennifer HS Science Department Head 492 E-mail
Hurtubise, Paul HS French 457 E-mail
Jansen, Dani HS English 495 E-mail
Jreidini, Rana HS & ES Visual Arts 476 E-mail
Kaegi, Julie ES Substitution 411 E-mail
Landry, Jessica ES English & Math Grade 1 426 E-mail
Langevin, Andréanne ES French & Social Sciences Grade 4 410 E-mail
Lavoie, Shayna ES English & Math Grade 2 404 E-mail
Lupien, Jean-David ES French Integration Grades 5 & 6 432 E-mail
MacGillivray, Michael HS English 487 E-mail
Mahoney, Erin ES Teacher (on leave)
Malcolm, Leigh Ann HS Social Sciences Department Head 481 E-mail
Maurice, Chloé ES French & Social Sciences Grade 6 415 E-mail
McIntyre, Andrea ES English & Math Grade 4 425 E-mail
Officer, Laura ES French & Social Sciences Grade 3 418 E-mail
Phelps, Christina HS Visual Arts 496 E-mail
Plante, Francis HS French 485 E-mail
Poirier, Natasha ES French Support Grades 1 & 2 424 E-mail
Ringuelet, Lucía ES Teacher (on leave)
Roméus, Cynthia HS French 460 E-mail
Roy, Nathalie HS Math Department Head 456 E-mail
Ryan, Erin ES English & Math Grade 3 406 E-mail
Smith, Eliane ES French Support Grades 3 & 4 431 E-mail
Smith, Kyla HS Performing Arts 469 E-mail
Smith, Sascha HS Math 466 E-mail
Stevens, Brittany ES English & Math Support Grades 5 & 6 428 E-mail
Streeter, Bryden HS Social Sciences 477 E-mail
Sutorius, Oriana HS Visual Arts Department Head 454 E-mail
Szuber, Maria HS English & Performing Arts 489 E-mail
Ter Horst, Kathleen HS Science 470 E-mail
Veillette, Julie ES French & Social Sciences Grade 1 433 E-mail
Vieira, Ann HS Physical Education Department Head 452 E-mail
Watts, Emily HS Science 451 E-mail
Wells, Alexandra ES Physical Education 409 E-mail
Welton, Luke HS Social Sciences 471 E-mail
Williams, Maegan ES French Kindergarten 417 E-mail
Wong, Cassandra ES Teacher (on leave)
Yu, Leon ES Music 416 E-mail
Zimmerman, Chantal HS Math E-mail

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