From the moment I started my relationship with St. George’s, I felt an immediate connection; there was something intangible to which I strongly related.  I soon discovered that it was the depth of understanding regarding progressive education and the importance of interpersonal relationships, both of which are the driving force and foundation of the school. 

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As the new Head of School, I embrace the opportunity to bring my numerous years of experience in the field of education to St. George’s. In central and western Canada, I worked in both public and independent co-ed schools, with students of diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Working with international students also provided another perspective from which I gained valuable knowledge and insight.  I have truly enjoyed the paths taken during my career and am excited to embark on this new journey which has brought me to Montreal.

St. George’s is an exemplary school. Its uniqueness is characterized by its commitment to understanding the learning style of each child and adjusting the teaching approach accordingly, resulting in the maximum empowerment and enlightenment of each student. This strong philosophy on which the school was founded over 80 years ago has stood the test of time and is a model to which many other educational institutions aspire.  I am confident in my knowledge that St. George’s is indeed a leader in progressive education.

This is an exciting time at St. George’s.  After 7 years of professional development, focusing on differentiated instruction, we are now implementing new concepts in design to complement and enhance teaching and learning.  Research has proven that physical space, including shape, design, texture and light, has a tremendous impact on the depth of learning.  As such, we are boldly undertaking a project to ameliorate and expand our facilities and provide our students with innovative and inspirational settings in which to thrive.

Over the next few months, many families will be considering numerous options as they search for a school which will best address the academic, social and emotional needs of their children.  I invite them to come and learn more about St. George’s.  We are committed to taking the necessary time with each family to explain the depth of our programs and illustrate how they can benefit their children.

Sharon Klein
Head of School  

Sharon Klein,
Head of School


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