Anouk, Class of '88

Looking back and recalling key moments in my formative years, I have no doubt St. George’s was the best place for my education. When I speak of education, I don’t mean getting prepared for a career, but getting prepared for the world, and for life in the world. Although all of my teachers at St. George’s helped to shape who I have become, it was History class with Jacques DesRochers that was determinant in where I find myself today. For some reason, I was drawn to European history and found myself in reverie meandering down cobblestone streets to the sound of hooves hitting the stones. Today, I relive Jacques’ classes every day as I walk on cobblestone streets in Northern France travelling back in time and living history at the present. Thanks, St. George’s!


Elementary School Campus
3685 The Boulevard
Westmount, QC H3Y 1S9

High School Campus
3100 The Boulevard
Montréal, QC H3Y 1R9