Legacy 21

We believe that seeing oneself as capable of growth is the first step to growing. That’s why we’re ready to embrace innovations and attributes that have the power to transform St. George’s into an even more productive and flexible learning environment. Sustainable growth is the objective our Legacy 21 capital campaign, and we can’t think of a better way to honour our Founding Principles.

Main Entrance
& Hallway

Inviting, modern entry features natural materials and bright, open spaces consistent with the look and feel of the future expansion

Gallery corridor showcases student artwork and annual alumni collages

Makes a dynamic impression on our St. George’s community and visitors

Fitness Centre

Flexible space to promote new activities: yoga, Pilates, dance, martial arts, wrestling, mindfulness

Training area with treadmills, elliptical machines and spin bikes

Functional and sport-specific resistance equipment, TRX and free weights

Locker area including washrooms, change rooms and private showers

Student Lounge
& Central Core

Creates a fluid, collective space for socializing and learning

Feature wall with award and recognition area will foster community spirit

Locker areas and gathering spaces located in new central core

All areas feature natural elements and integrated seating

Biophilic Expansion
& Atrium

Focus on natural lighting and communion with the elements for study and relaxation

Provides opportunities to create a multi-purpose space and meeting area, establish new art studios and centralize mathematics classrooms

Movable walls will seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces

Classroom Upgrade

Refurbishment/expansion of the classrooms

Double the current space for the music program including a recording studio

Additional science lab

New flexible furniture to promote collaborative learning

  • Entrance

    School lobby and the first floor lobby are as progressive as are our educational values. This space serves as a showcase for student work.

  • Fitness Centre

    New fitness area including boys’ and girls’ locker rooms and showers.

  • Central Core and Student Lounge

    Open central stairway, locker landings, addition of elevator, redefined student lounge with new learning and social spaces.

  • Biophilic Expansion

    A biophilic new wing bringing additional classroom and a flexible multipurpose wellness area.

  • Classroom Upgrades

    Total renovation of the lower floor of the school improving areas of robotics, additional and renovated science labs and expanded music areas.

  • Courtyard

    Restore green space for student use by converting parking lot to natural learning and recreation area.

Learning. Growing. Evolving.

Flexible learning environments, natural design elements and materials, multipurpose facilities, and reclaimed greenery - these spaces are designed to match and highlight the open, progressive qualities which have defined us as a learning community for almost a century. Step inside the creative and collaborative ecosystem we envision for St. George’s and see for yourself.

Naming Opportunities

Atrium $1,000,000
Fitness Centre $500,000
Courtyard Learning $350,000
& Recreational Area
Student Lounge $300,000
New Science Lab (1) $250,000
Renovated Music Classroom $250,000
Renovated Science Labs (3) $200,000
New Locker and Social Areas (3) $200,000
Recording Studio $150,000
New Art Studios (2) $150,000
New Math Classrooms (4) $150,000
Refurbished Corridors (2) $100,000
Outdoor Sports Opportunities (3) $50,000
Outdoor Social and Rest Settings (6) $25,000
Classroom Furnishings (10) $20,000

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Join us as we embark on this transformative journey - your gift to the Legacy 21 campaign will help build our capacity for sustainability and innovation as we work together to secure the St. George’s legacy.

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Interested in supporting the campaign but want to know more? We’re eager to share our vision for sustainability and innovation at St. George’s and can’t wait to bring you into the conversation.

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