Julian, Class of '87

I attended St. George's from 1982 to 1987. After graduation, I studied economics at CEGEP and university, and then joined the international shipping industry in Singapore. Looking back, I can see that St. George's has played a major role in shaping my character and outlook in life. It has had three lasting influences on me in particular: First, St. George's made me more aware of the world around me, the wide variety of places, people and their experiences. Second, it made me care about the world and what is going on, and made me want to make it a better place. Third, it made me comfortable with being myself, thinking independently and doing things differently when necessary. After many years overseas, I am now back in Montreal, still actively involved in the shipping industry but on the education and training side. I am married with two children and take an active interest in helping them find their own way. In my own small way, I find myself continuing to approach work and life in what I would consider to be the St. George's way!


Elementary School Campus
3685 The Boulevard
Westmount, QC H3Y 1S9

High School Campus
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Montréal, QC H3Y 1R9