High School to hold first-ever Earth Day Summit

Earth Day is a pretty big deal here at St. George’s – but you probably already know that. In past years the Elementary School has been our Earth Day hub, and it’s an occasion usually marked by a day of action, sometimes involving the execution of elaborate urban agriculture projects. Students who have come through the Elementary School share fond memories of joining together with classmates, teachers, and parents to work towards a common goal.

This year, the Earth Day tradition will debut at the High School with the first-ever Earth Day Summit. On May 4th, more than 50 of St. George’s 266 secondary students will be involved in facilitating workshops for their peers and teachers, engaging the entire learning community in action for a sustainable future.

The Earth Day Summit is an organic addition to the annual calendar of events at the High School campus – last year students executed a waste audit in an effort to maximize recycling and composting practices at every level of the school’s operations. Student activism is the driving force of an ongoing sustainability movement generating school-wide enthusiasm for taking concrete steps to achieve collective goals.

“I think our school specifically is very action-oriented,” said Julieta Lozano Ramsay, who will be leading a workshop on guerilla gardening. “It really shows that students do care; leadership is being taken. I hope people gain a deeper understanding of what they’re doing, and what they can do.”

The fifteen student-led workshops will cover topics ranging from water purification and sustainable farming to food security.


Elementary School Campus
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Westmount, QC H3Y 1S9

High School Campus
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