Global Climate Strike: St. George’s Responds to This Call to Action

As environmental and climate change issues become more pressing, so too does the need to engage with a collective responsibility to effect change in an active way. To that end, St. George’s School of Montreal has embraced the opportunity to further empower its students by scheduling a full-school early dismissal on Friday, September 27th to facilitate their participation in the Global Climate Strike.

Thus far, millions of people around the world, in over 150 countries and 867 cities, are expected to walk out of their schools, workplaces, and homes to stand together for climate justice. Recognizing the uniqueness of this situation and the incredible opportunity it presents for engaging youth in active citizenship, St. George’s has earnestly responded to this call to action.

The ardent stance and passionate voice of our student body regarding climate action is clear, as is St. George’s commitment to a sustainable future and the development of leaders who will help contribute toward that goal. Joined on September 27, 2019 by internationally renowned teen activist Greta Thunberg, we anticipate many of our students, faculty and staff will march through the streets of Montreal in global solidarity with impassioned participants around the world.

To promote the message of youth empowerment and facilitate a meaningful learning experience, St. George’s organized three separate assemblies on September 18th, at the request of the school’s Green Team. These inspired students made age-appropriate presentations to their peers, putting into context the seriousness of the climate crisis and the importance of the upcoming Global Climate Strike. They encouraged fellow students to believe in their power to reshape the conversation around climate change and achieve climate justice for all.


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