Grade 11 class receives CPR/AED training through Robert Sibthorpe and Benjamin Silverman First Responders Fund

Students practice CPR on ACTAR training dummies

On Thursday, April 18, the entire Grade 11 class at St. George’s was instructed in a Level A CPR/AED course. For these students, the context for their training was beyond hypothetical: in October 2017, their classmate received live-saving CPR after collapsing on the field during a semi-final baseball game. Thanks to the emergency preparedness of both the coach and trained first responder Robert Sibthorpe, a parent of another player on the team, Ben Silverman was ultimately resuscitated and able to make a full recovery. The school recognized Sibthorpe for his heroic actions at the Tribute Dinner in November 2018, where he was celebrated as a “Community Champion”.

Silverman’s parents, Dr. Roberta Shear and Mr. Gary Silverman, established the Robert Sibthorpe and Benjamin Silverman First Responders Fund as a gesture of gratitude to Sibthorpe and to the school, with an aim to provide students with an opportunity to become certified in CPR. “By graduation, all St. George’s students will benefit from learning this invaluable, lifelong skill,” said Shear when announcing the fund in November. “St. George’s students can then hopefully one day pay it forward and save a life, as demonstrated by [Sibthorpe’s] incredible example.”

“We are so proud to equip our senior students, who are leaders in our school and in their own extended communities, with this vitally important knowledge,” said St. George’s High School Assistant Head Michael O’Connor.

High School Assistant Head Michael O'Connor, Robert Sibthorpe and Gary Silverman standing in front of St. George's High School
High School Assistant Head Michael O’Connor, Robert Sibthorpe and Gary Silverman

St. George’s hosts fourth Montreal Regional Round of the World Scholar’s Cup

St. George’s hosted its fourth World Scholar’s Cup event in as many years on January 18th and 19th. More than 200 students from eight participating local schools descended on our High School gymnasium to compete in the four main events: the Scholar’s Bowl, Collaborative Writing, the Scholar’s Challenge and Team Debates.

In 2016, St. George’s brought the World Scholar’s Cup to Canada by hosting the first-ever regional round here in Montreal. The event has doubled, tripled, and even quadrupled in size since that first year, with 76 of our own students forming teams from both the Elementary School and High School this time around. After a spirited weekend of fun and competition, several are looking forward to moving on to the Global Round in The Hague later this year!

St. George’s celebrates 60th anniversary of first graduating class at Third Annual Tribute Dinner

For three years St. George’s has enjoyed celebrating the character and contributions of our community at the annual Homecoming Weekend Tribute Dinner event, but this year on November 3, there was just that much more to celebrate.

Six decades ago the school graduated its very first class of students. In the years since, more than 3,000 have joined the St. George’s alumni network after walking across the stage at their own graduation ceremonies. Of the eight alumni who make up the Class of 1958, three accepted the Award of Distinction on behalf of their cohort at the Third Annual Tribute Dinner on November 3.

The evening, which benefited the school’s scholarships and bursaries fund, was guaranteed to be emotional. This year’s Community Champion designation recalls a semi-final baseball game in October 2017, during which a St. George’s parent’s first responder training enabled him to save the life of his son’s teammate. Robert Sibthorpe leapt into action when a student with an existing medical condition suddenly collapsed on the field, his instinct allowing the player to make a full recovery after being resuscitated through CPR. The St. George’s community recognized Sibthorpe for his heroic actions at the Tribute Dinner, where he was presented with one of seven awards conferred that night.

In addition to the Award of Distinction and Community Champion accolades, the school presented outstanding community members with Alumnus/Alumna of the Year (Matthew Smiley ’99), Outstanding Contribution to Teaching and Learning (Zenia Dusaniwsky), Outstanding Staff Member (Khursheed Khursigara), Young Alumnus/Alumna of the Year (Alexandra Cohen ’14), and Outstanding Student (Jasper Billig ’19).

Head of School Sharon Klein extends her congratulations to this year’s recipients: “Through their exemplary leadership and commitment to serve, they stand out as shining examples of how we can all make a difference and help shape our St. George’s community, our personal or professional communities, and the world at large.”


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