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Leadership Team
Klein, SharonHead of School214
Balas, MarcChief Financial Officer219
Bossé, NathalieAssistant Head, Curriculum & CLE234
Boyd, DonnaDirector, Advancement & Alumni Relations275
Carson, KathayDirector, Enrolment Management215
De Jean, AidanAssistant Head, Elementary School (Interim)287
Hershman, HannahAssociate Assistant Head, Elementary School (Interim)297
McCarthy, LeighExecutive Assistant, Head of School213
O'Connor, MichaelAssistant Head, High School212
Belouin, GermainTechnician, Buildings & Grounds281
Bond, LouiseAdministrator, International Enrolment235
Brandman, RandyE.S. Guidance Counsellor405
Carr, RachaelTechnician, Information Technology225
Cinquemani, FabioH.S. Technician, Science493
Continisio, AngieAdministrative Assistant, Elementary285
De Armas, LuisaE.S. Supervisor, After School Program286
Deegan, LoriReceptionist200
Dobbin, VictoriaTechnician, Graphics Arts / Webmaster240
Durkee, HollyCoordinator, Athletics & Recreation203
Freder, DanielH.S. Technician, Robotics484
Girouard, LouiseAccounts Payable220
Goldman, JonathanResearcher & Grant Writer243
Grenier, JudithCoordinator, Studies217
Hirian, AdrianaCoordinator, Business Office222
Lavoie, PatriciaCoordinator, Alumni Relations206
Lemieux, JacquelineH.S. Guidance Counsellor226
Losada, CarmenAdministrative Assistant, Enrolment241
Macdougall, PaulH.S. Student Supervisor204
McMillan, RobertH.S. Building Custodian281
McNish, DelSpecial Projects281
Pearson, HannahAssistant, Advancement & Communications236
Picard, SharonCoordinator, Human Resources229
Pizzi, RoccaAdministrative Assistant, High School211
Riordon, RebeccaCoordinator, Communications276
Shehata, NancyAdministrator, Finance249
Silverstein, MatthewH.S. Technician, Robotics484
Skagkos, BettyAdministrative Assistant, CLE239
Stamboulieh, AaronCoordinator, Information Technology267
Trotto, CaterinaArchivist / Office Support282
Vanderwier, LeonardE.S. Building Custodian293
Arthur, JasonH.S. Science450
Baker, DavidH.S. Math470
Ballard, KerryE.S. English & Math Grade 4404
Barnes, TalyaE.S. English Kindergarten402
Borden, CyndyCoordinator, Educational Technology290
Bruneau, DanielH.S. French Integration459
Cattell, ToriH.S. Visual Arts Dept. Head476
Dair, MelissaH.S. CLE & Student Support Grades 9-11227
Daly, TomH.S. Math496
Danois Massicotte, DebbyE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 4410
Deeprose, JeffH.S. English Dept. Head & Drama465
DeJean, JillianE.S. English & Math Grade 6412
Delhaes, DanielleCoordinator, Sustainability & Community Learning460
Dernis, AlexandraE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 5415
Driedger, MarkH.S. Science458
Dupont, PierretteH.S. French498
Dusaniwsky, ZeniaE.S. Art403
Feith, JoeyE.S. Physical Education413
Foley, ElizabethE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 1419
Folkerson, CameronH.S. Physical Education480
Foote, BrianH.S. CLE & Student Support Grades 7, 8 & International205
Frosst, SamanthaH.S. Science & Math463
Gabert, ClareE.S. English & Math Grade 5407
Gallaro, LynnE.S. Librarian & Information Research294
Gan, JeanneH.S. Math479
Gauthier, StéphaneE.S. Student Support French424
Gillis, MarinaE.S. Science408
Gold, DonnaH.S. English472
Grynol, CandaceH.S. Performing Arts Dept. Head453
Harries, PatriciaCoordinator, Elementary Student Support298
Hernandez, MargauxH.S. French499
Ho, StephanieH.S. English461
Hunter, JenniferH.S. Science Dept. Head492
Jansen, DaniH.S. English & Drama495
Jeffries, JaimeE.S. English & Math Grade 1422
Kennedy, DonnyH.S. Music469
Lacombe, JoséeE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 6420
MacGillivray, MichaelH.S. English487
Mahoney, ErinE.S. English & Math Grade 2409
Malcolm, Leigh AnnH.S. Social Studies481
Morais, MariaH.S. French494
Narvaez-Mejia, JohnH.S. Spanish, Social Studies & Virtual Studies457
Officer, LauraE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 3418
Opalinsky, MaryH.S. Social Studies Dept. Head455
Payne, PattiE.S. Music425
Phelps, ChristinaH.S. Visual Arts & Media Studies428
Plante, FrancisH.S. French485
Ringuelet, LuciaE.S. French & Social Studies Grade 2401
Rousseau, JulieH.S. French Dept. Head & Social Studies490
Roy, NathalieH.S. Math Dept. Head456
Ryan, ErinE.S. English & Math Grade 3406
Simmons, EmmaE.S. Student Support English291
Smith, SaschaH.S. Math & Psychology426
Streeter, BrydenH.S. Social Studies & English477
Szuber, MariaH.S. English & Drama489
Tobin, EndaH.S. Librarian223
Vieira, AnnH.S. Physical Education Dept. Head452
Watts, EmilyH.S. Science451
Wells, AlexandraE.S. Physical Education414
Wong, CassandraE.S. French Kindergarten417


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Telephone: 514-937-9289
Admissions: 514-904-0542


High School Campus  
3100 The Boulevard, Montreal, QC  
H3Y 1R9 

Elementary School Campus 
3685 The Boulevard, Westmount, QC  
H3Y 1S9 



St. George's School of Montreal
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Telephone 514-904-0542
Telephone 514-937-9289 |
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