Blog Post from our Head of School: Vision and Imagination Combine to Guide the Future of St. George's
Posted 05/01/2015 04:00PM

Imagine a school ...

... that promotes wellness in every aspect;

... that promotes inquiry-based learning with real-world applications in a flexible and dynamic learning environment;

... where faculty & staff appreciate the uniqueness of each student, enrich and support each student's experience and intentionally provide opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.

One year ago I could only imagine this.

Today, I am immersed in an environment that lives and breathes its Guiding Principles and Mission in a very intentional way, and I see them in action every day as I walk the halls and talk with students & staff. I'm proud to inform you that these are the foundation on which we have built St. George's Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan lays the groundwork for the future of our school – for the next year, 5 years and many years to come. In true St. George's fashion, the process of building this plan was very thorough and collaborative, and it included contributions from a diverse cross-section or our St. George's Community. I'm very excited to say that our plan is built upon the concept of thrivability.

Thrivability is the notion that our organisation is a living, sustainable system that measures and monitors itself at every turn, and continuously senses and responds to changing conditions so all members of the organisation can thrive. We maintain a bold vision with a focus on student growth at the forefront.

How do we ensure our Mission and Vision survive the test of time?

First, we turn to our Centre for Learning Enrichment (CLE), a group of experts in education who continuously drive positive change in the school. Our CLE Team is made up of educators, administrators and outside specialists who collaboratively research, analyze and develop new initiatives for the benefit of the whole child. All of our major educational changes and initiatives are researched by this group to prompt perpetual growth and enhancement of our educational practices and ensure St. George's remains on the leading edge.

Second, we ensure we are on the right track through the implementation of our Strategic Plan, which is a living, breathing framework that guides our actions in shaping the school's future. That is, it has at the forefront our Mission and Vision, but bends and flexes as needed over time, as we adjust to our ever-changing world.

When I take time to reflect on the crafting of the Strategic Plan over this past year, it makes me proud to be a member of the St. George's community. As a school, we clearly come from substantial roots that have never been stronger. We remain dedicated to the vision of the individual growth of each child, and to preparing them for whatever lies ahead. We also remain dedicated to partnering with parents to make our children's educational experience enriching and community-oriented. After all, it is parents who founded our school.

So, what will the "St. George's of the Future" look like?

Imagine...not only being a part of this community, but also continuing to build upon its strong foundation!

Thank you to our entire St. George's community for partnering with us; this is indeed an exciting time. Stay tuned for more details regarding the publication date of the Strategic Plan in the upcoming school year. We look forward to sharing it with you.


Sharon Klein

Head of School, St. George's School of Montreal